marți, 20 septembrie 2011

Ina's Bachelorette Party

Last Friday big night for my friend Ina. When she least expected we throw her a surprise Bachelorette Party. Bouquet - check!, present - check!, girls ready to party - check! Everything according to plan! First stop, Eve Fashion Lounge, nice piano-bar with chill out music and exquisite cocktails just for warming up and two hours later in Pantheon Club to party like never before.

With the excuse of Claudia's anniversary, I drag Ina to my place where just a few seconds after entering the apartment, there we were screaming like crazy "Surpriseeeee!"

She had absolutely no idea,... that's the whole point, isn't it?!... and was so happy about everything.

Well, Ina, we wish you all the best in your future life as a wife, a lawfully wedded wife, to have a nice family and to keep up the good mood as you do since ever!

(PS. this weekend the wedding. Details and photos coming soon :*) 

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