joi, 26 mai 2011

Shabby Chic Homes - tips and tricks

The Shabby Chic Home is one of simple elegance and romance. You will see how easy it is to blend this look into your home decor. Here is a gallery of Shabby Chic style rooms to spark your imagination. After looking at these room decorating ideas, you can start decorating your own home like this.

Change is something we all need now and then. If your budget can’t handle a complete makeover, try re-arranging the furniture in the room. Perhaps bring in new photos or other accessories from another room of the house to display in the family room. 

We need to think about our own comfort and relaxation when decorating home. Include pillows, curtains, bedding, lamps, rugs and more.

  • Update existing couches and chairs with slipcovers

  • Sew throw pillows and window treatments from coordinating fabrics

  • Flat sheets and home décor fabric are great resources for window fashions and throw pillows

  • Re-upholster ottomans or single hard-backed chairs

  • Use lace, beads, crystals, and fabric to update lampshades

  • Bamboo blinds, mini blinds, and roman shades are inexpensive and attractive additions to living room windows or doors

  • Showcase collections on top of an entertainment center or bookshelf

  • Display/store blankets, quilts, and magazines in large baskets

  • Use stacks of vintage books to create legs for a coffee table and then place one piece of glass over the top. Old-time suitcases or valises can support a trio of serving trays for a truly unique table.

  • Well-placed artificial or live trees, potted plants, or hanging plants bring a bit of nature and green into the living room.

  • An entire wall covered in favorite family photos or artwork is a beautiful addition to a family room.

  • Bookshelves of every size, width, and height can house books, but vintage china, antiques, photos, candles, games, and baskets filled with odds and ends that don’t seem to fit anywhere else. 


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